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 Practical information / Formalities
Foreigner Identity Document
If you will remain in the country for one year (or more), it is recommended that you obtain this document. Otherwise, you may have to pay a fine of 7...
Official or Diplomatic Visa
Granted to foreigners with a diplomatic, official or equivalent passport (pursuant to country treaties), this visa is obtained exclusively at...
Courtesy Visa
This visa is granted for high officials in Bolivian administration, international agencies or important cultural or religious...
Student Visa
This visa is for foreign students who decide to study in Bolivia or who are participating in a student exchange program. It is valid for one year...
Permanent resident or definitive visa
The prerequisite for this visa is that you have resided in Bolivia for two years with the corresponding permission (two-year resident visa) and...
Two-Year Temporary Resident Visa
This visa is an extension of the one-year resident visa. Requirements - Passport valid for 6 months containing a one-year resident visa -...
Medical Visit
To obtain the specific purpose, courtesy or student visa, you must have a medical exam that guarantees you do not have the AIDs virus or any other...
Temporary resident visa (one year)
This visa enables you to remain in the country for one year during which time you may carry out your economic, sports, or cultural activities...
Criminal record certificate and Residence record (FELCC)
To apply for a long-term visa, you must register a fixed domicile and request a certificate that proves you have no criminal record in Bolivia. This...
Criminal Background Certificate (INTERPOL)
This document is required for some visas (specific purpose, student and courtesy) and certifies that you have no criminal record outside of...
Specific Purpose Visa
This visa is necessary in the following cases: - Business trip or work contract - Unpaid social service - Marriage - To apply for a temporary or...
Tourist Visa
In most cases, except for the Sates (see conditions below) you only need a passport good for 6 months to enter Bolivian territory. An official will...
VISA formalities
Paperwork in Bolivia generally takes a long time. If you have stayed in the country longer than permitted by the visa you have, you will have to pay...

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