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Temporary resident visa (one year)

This visa enables you to remain in the country for one year during which time you may carry out your economic, sports, or cultural activities (whether paid or not). This visa is recommended for volunteers or social work.


- A valid passport containing the specific purpose visa

- A contract for work or other activity (commercial, cultural or sports)

-  A notarized letter that confirms your economic solvency and specifies the activity you will do

-  In case of employment by a business (company), you must present a copy of the company by-laws registered with FUNDEMPRESA (authenticated copy) and a photocopy of the NIT (taxpayer identification number).

-  In case of employment by a sole owner company, only a photocopy of the NIT is required.

- Criminal background certificate from INTERPOL (International Police)

Criminal background certificate from FELCC (Bolivian police)

Residence record certificate from FELCC (this takes time)

- Official medical certificate that includes the HIV test

- Once these papers are collected, a written request prepared by a lawyer must be made for the One-Year Temporary Resident Visa.

Cost of the visa: 1320 Bs. (US$ 190)

Approximate time to process: 10 to 30 days

Note: This visa expires if you leave the country for more than 90 days.

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