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Tourist Visa

In most cases, except for the Sates (see conditions below) you only need a passport good for 6 months to enter Bolivian territory. An official will stamp your passport with your entry date. This stamp is valid for 90 days per year.

Recommendations: Keep the paper chit with the entry stamp since you will be asked for it when you leave the country. 

Cost: free

List of countries whose citizens do not need a tourist visa to enter Bolivia: Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Ecuador, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Estonia Philippines, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, New Zealand, Holland, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, England, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, The Vatican, Venezuela.



Submission of the sworn statement form and required documents

  1. The Formulario de Declaración Jurada de Solicitud de Visa Bilingüe (Bilingual Sworn Statement Form for Visa Request) can be obtained at Bolivian Consular offices or downloaded from the web site of the Bolivian Chanchillery here

  2. The form should be submitted with the following documents:
    - Current color photograph, 4"x 4" without glasses.
    - Passport valid for at least 6 months (pursuant to Art. 4.2 of the Resolución Biministerial 01-2007)
    - Hotel reservation or letter of invitation.
    - Round trip ticket or trip itinerary.
    - Economic solvency (credit card or cash or a current bank statement).
    - Photocopy of International Immunization Certificate showing immunization for yellow fever.
  3. The requirement to submit a letter of invitation which is an alternative to a hotel reservation, round trip ticket or travel itinerary, deposit slip or money order for US$100, credit card or bank statement and vaccination certificate are not optional except for children under 6 years of age who may not be vaccinated under doctor's orders. In this case, the interested parties must submit the doctor's recommendation translated into Spanish and carry a copy to present at immigration upon entry into Bolivia.
  4. If the tourist does not have a hotel reservation, he/she may request information about hotels at the Bolivian Consul. This information is also available on the web site of the Ministry of Foreign Relations and Worship. Alternatively you may access the web site of the Bolivian Vice Ministry of Tourism.
  5. The economic solvency requirement for minor children shall be provided by the parents or guardians.
  6. When an unaccompanied minor is traveling, he/she must have a Travel Authorization Certificate approved by proper authorities.

Payment of Fees

  1. The tourist must pay US$ 135 (one hundred U.S. Dollars). Payment for the visa may be made in cash, deposited in the Consular office bank account or by money order depending on instructions from the consulate in question.

Visa Issuance

  1. The visa shall be placed in the applicant's passport with the signature and seal of the consular official in the form of a sticker that has security features designed to prevent tampering or counterfeiting.
  2. If the passport is lost, the visa is no longer valid, and the tourist must repeat the process.


1. Bolivians who have obtained U.S. citizenship are not required to obtain a visa as long as they can prove their Bolivian origin with any of the following valid or expired documents: Identity Document (Carnét de Identidad), birth certificate, Family Document, Military Service Record, Bolivian passport, RUN (taxpayer id per the Spanish acronym), consular record document or even the US passport showing place of birth of the bearer.

2. Children of Bolivian parents born in the United States, pursuant to Article 36 of the Bolivian Constitution are Bolivians by the mere fact of having taken up residence in the country or by being registered at Bolivian Consuls. To take care of this, parents of children up to age 12 must appear at a Consular Office to proceed with the child's birth registration, submitting an authenticated photocopy of the American birth certificate


United States citizens may obtain the tourist visa upon arrival at airports and border crossings. To complete the process, immigration officials will verify that the requirements of a passport valid for at least six months, ticket or trip itinerary, payment of US$135 in cash, International Vaccination Certificate showing yellow fever immunization and Economic Solvency are fully met. Also, if there is no hotel reservation, the tourist may make one at the immigration control site using a list of hotels available from Immigration. 

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