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Criminal record certificate and Residence record (FELCC)

To apply for a long-term visa, you must register a fixed domicile and request a certificate that proves you have no criminal record in Bolivia. This procedure is done with the Bolivian policy which is called the Fuerza Especial de Lucha Contra el Crimen (FELCC: Bolivian national police per the Spanish acronym; Special Force to Fight Against Crime).

To register you will need:

- Photocopy of your passport, visa and entry stamp

- Photocopy of the certificate from INTERPOL

- Memorandum (prepared by a lawyer) with your name, passport number and address in Bolivia that requests a good conduct (criminal background) certificate and residence record for the visa.

- Photocopy of residence contract (e.g. lease) and owner's statement (if your name is not on the contract) + a photocopy of the owner's identity document with a handwritten note that you live on his/her property.

- Photocopy of the property card or real estate record or the latest property tax paid by the owner.

- Photocopy of the latest month's electric and water utility bills.

- Photocopies of the identity documents of two Bolivian or foreign witnesses in the area with a written statement confirming that you live there. 

- A sketched map of the area showing the location of the house.

An officer will accompany you in order to verify your residence in the presence of the witnesses and the owner. Do not be concerned if the officer does not arrive; he/she does this to "intimidate" and to get some money, saying that you must pay for the taxi. Do not get angry and try to be pleasant even if it feels hypocritical. If the situation does not improve, inform his/her superior. Ask for his/her name and rank in order to inspire some fear. 

Approximate time to process: the good conduct (criminal record) certificate will take approximately a week, and the residence record could take from one week to one month.

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