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Creaciones K'ala, a family business
Gladys Huanca Luna is heiress to knowledge passed down from one generation to another. Her grandfather, Valentín Huanca, began working as a...
Inti Illimani
Inti Illimani is a microenterprise that was founded 28 years ago by Mr. Choque's parents. He is the current chief of the family business and today...
Tocuyo cotton from Bolivia
The oldest fabrics made of cotton found in Latin America date from 5000 B.C.E. in Mexico. In South America, remains of cotton clothing have been...
Ponchos Especially Created for Mother and Child offers you a very original product: a poncho that you can wear throughout pregnancy and in the first months after the baby is born when...
Enda Bolivia El Alto: A social and professional project
El Alto is a city located north of La Paz (Bolivia's seat of government) at 4100 masl. It was founded in the 1990s and created after a rural exodus...
Nairar Sarañani Artisans, Doña Marcela's Company
Nairar Sarañani Artisans is the name of the company belonging to Marcelina Gonzalez Zamora, or Doña Marcela, a professional...
The warp and the woof
A technique utilized by many generations of weavers has been passed on to the Luna family. In this technique, using a rustic loom and a horizontal...
Tajzara: Artisan Association
Tajzara, located in Avilés Province in the Department of Tarija, is a plain with large, beautiful lakes that are populated by flamingos whose...
ArteNativo, craft of Potosi
The Department of Potosí is famous for its mineral resources, but it is one of the poorest in Bolivia. Its inhabitants live in very precarious...

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