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Ponchos Especially Created for Mother and Child offers you a very original product: a poncho that you can wear throughout pregnancy and in the first months after the baby is born when it needs to be near you. We have 4 maternal poncho designs, all for use during the pre- and post-natal months.

The idea behind these ponchose brings to mind a kangaroo pouch. Essentially, there is a small “window” to open for the baby’s head, which can be closed during pregnancy.

Possible uses:

* You could wear this poncho traditionally during pregnancy or after the baby has grown. Just leave the openings closed.

* When you carry your baby in a vertical baby carier, you can leave the baby’s head uncovered through the opening.


These ponchos are exclusive designs for You will find them only in our on-line store. The designs were developed in cooperation with the knitters and weavers from the Warmis and Arte y Punto workshops as well as from the artisan Aurelia Quelca Mamani.

Don’t wait to buy or gift a very good product that is practical over the long term, since it can be worn even after the baby has grown.

You are invited to see each poncho via the following links:

Kangaroo Poncho:

"Ualabí" Poncho:

"Dulce Mami" Poncho:

"Together" Poncho:


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