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 Craftmens / Sewing
 Dolly: Cutting and Sewing
Artesanías Llanque is a company dedicated to producing articles made with woven in sheep wool. They purchase the cloth and hire out the...
Rafael Mamani: jacket maker
Rafael Mamani is a young artisan who uses his knowledge of cutting and preparing, to create singular models of sweaters, jackets and pants, using...
Creaciones Paola
Creaciones Paola is a company dedicated to making embroidered and macramé garments. Their workshop is located in the La Portada zone between...
ARTE Y PUNTO - alpaca garments
Patricia Palle, a Bolivian woman with a constant desire for knowledge and improvement, is an open and friendly person. Thanks to her personality, the...
AWAYU, the COPROCA's collection
In 2005 COPROCA S.A. created a collection of alpaca wool garments to promote the sale of alpaca fleece and to generate jobs for its handcrafters....
The warp and the woof
A technique utilized by many generations of weavers has been passed on to the Luna family. In this technique, using a rustic loom and a horizontal...

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