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 Gastronomy / Starters
Quinoa Soup
Quinoa is a food from the Altiplano. It has been cultivated by the rural peasants for many centuries for local use. Recently it became popular in...
Escabeche (Pickled vegetables)
Pickling brine is a way to prepare and preserve food thanks to a technique using vinegar asthe main ingredient. This recipe comes from the Arabs...
Anticuchos - Beef heart brochette
Anticuchos are skewered beef hearts, a very popular dish in Bolivia. They are prepared from a traditional recipe dating from the 16th...
Chairo (soup)
Chairo is the Aymara word for soup, and it is a traditional dish in the city of La Paz. It has pre-Colombian origins, and its basic ingredient is...
Oriental cuisine (Bolivian orient) is based on rice, cassava (manioc), corn and beef. Masaco is one of the dishes most representative of this...
Stuffed Potato
Brief history of the potato The potato is a tuber native to South America which has been cultivated for 8000 years. It is a staple in the diet of...

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