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Chairo (soup)

Chairo is the Aymara word for soup, and it is a  traditional dish in the city of La Paz. It has pre-Colombian origins, and its basic ingredient is chuño (freeze-dried potato).



- 8 cups water

- 250 gr lamb

- 250 gr beef jerky

- 100 gr peeled fava beans

- 100 gr peas

- 100 gr chopped carrot

- 500 gr peeled and diced potatoes

- 120 gr ground chuño

- 120 gr cooked, ground corn

- 120 gr cooked wheat

- Chopped onion

- Black pepper

- Cumin

- Garlic

-  Salt

- Mint


- Boil the water and add the meats. Skim foam off the water and boil for one hour.

- Add fava beans, carrots, peas and potatoes; boil another 15 minutes.

- Add chuño, wheat and corn.

- Fry onion in a separate frying pan; add garlic, black pepper, cumin and salt.

- Add fried ingredients to the soup. 

- Cook another 10 minutes.

- When done, serve sprinkled with chopped fresh mint.


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