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Cochabamba-style Silpancho

The name of this dish comes from Quechua (Silpanch'u) which means thin, pounded meat..

It is a dish typical of the city of Cochabamba (a valley city famous for its cuisine) which only has a 60-year history.

It consists of beef pounded thin, served with rice, browned potatoes, sarsa (tomato and onion salad), locoto (hot chili similar to the habanero that used in South America) and a fried egg.



- Beef

- eggs

- rice

- red onion

- potatoes

- minced parsley

- fine bread crumbs

- black pepper

- garlic

- salt, oil

- tomatoes

- locoto

- black pepper


- Cook rice with one garlic clove.

- Cook potatoes then brown

- Cut meat into filets, season with salt, black pepper, garlic and parsley.

Cover filets with fine bread crumbs and fry in hot oil

- Fry the eggs

Place rice on the plate, then the potatoes, meat, egg with the sarsa and locoto on top.


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