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 Waterfalls and Supay Punku
A weekend in the Yungas. Visit the waterfall of the Rio Cajón on the road to Caranavi, the village of Suapi and the beautiful ride of the...
 La Paz
La Paz, administrative capital of Bolivia, is often a city which frightens the foreigners.
Without knowing her we imagine ourselves that it is...

 Takesi Trail (2 days)
The Takesi trail is, as the Choro and the Yunga cruz trails, a trek which goes from La Paz to come down to the yungas. This one can be done in 2-3...
 Charquini glaciar
Charquini is a glacier whose summit peaks at 5390 meters. Placed in the department of La Paz, next to Huayna Potosi, it also soars from the valley of...
 Muela del diablo - La Paz
The muela del diablo is less than one hour from La Paz. This attractive stroll of 3-4 hours will permit you to have a walk in the countryside and to...
 Cumbre - La Paz
The Cumbre - the pass at 4600 meters, is the highest point which we cross by going out of La Paz on the way to the yungas. A lot of paceños...
 Choro Trail (2-4 days)
The Choro trail is an easy and magnificent trail. It's 70 km which can be done in between 2 and 4 days, depending of the shape and the time. The...
 Coroico, first tourist municipality of the country
Coroico, first tourist municipality of the country, situated at 1700 meters in the Yungas, offers diverse attractions. Restaurants, hotels, bars in...
 Copacabana and the sun Island
Copacabana is a privileged place to spend time by the lake Titicaca and go to visit the islands of the Lake, of which the famous Sun...
 Chulumani, south yungas capital
Chulumani is the capital of the South Yungas. It is known by the tourists as the arrival place of the trek of Takesi. But for the Bolivian people it...
Sorata is a town perched in the middle of hills, between the high plateau of the Altiplano and the Amazonian plains. Located at 2670 meters in...

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