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Gourmet Trout

Lake Titicaca, located between Bolivia and Peru, is the highest lake in the world. Besides enjoying the beautiful landscape, you can try the incomparable flavor of the trout (salmon pink, gilded) that grow in its waters, especially on the Bolivian side where the fish farming industry is better developed since there is no access to the ocean.

In addition to being produced for export, there are a tremendous number of restaurants along the lake shore where the trout is served in many ways (trucha diabla, in garlic sauce, in butter, etc.). The following recipe is from one of these restaurants.



- Salmon trout, well filleted

- lemons

- salt

- flour

- oil for frying

- tomato, carrot, broccoli

- Potatoes

- butter


- Marinate the fish in lemon juice and salt for a few hours.

- Once it's marinated, coat with flour and fry in hot oil.

- Wash and cut up the tomato, carrots and broccoli. Steam

- Fry the potatoes.

- Serve with lemon and melted butter.


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