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Copacabana and the sun Island

Copacabana is a privileged place to spend time by the lake Titicaca and go to visit the islands of the Lake, of which the famous Sun island.

Touristy, Copacabana and its surrounding don't however lose theirs charm, quiet and relaxed, it's pleasant place to take a rest and to go for walk.

You can go up to see the sunset from the Calvary,  visit the cathedral or the multiple Inca vestiges in the surroundings. In the weekend you can also hire bicycle, motorcycle, horses or kayaks. 

The Sun Island is even more quiet; you will not hear the noise of an engine. It is the ideal place to acclimatize because it's quiet and high (3810 meters). 

As you will see on the following photos, the island is very different in dry season or in rainy season.

Distance from La Paz (capital): 2 - 3 hours

Photos: Noélise Delille




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