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Chicken Sajta

Sajta is a dish typical of western Bolivia, particularly the city of La Paz. It is usually eaten for All Saints' Day and during Carnival. It is accompanied with rice, potato, tunta (freeze-dried potato), and sarsa (onion and tomato garnish).



- 1 large chicken

- 4 large onions

- 1 tomato

- 250 gr peas

- minced quirquina or parsley

- chopped celery

- salt, oil

- 6 yellow chili peppers (Bolivian ají amarillo), seeded

- 2 tablespoons black pepper

- 2 tablespoons ground cumin

- 4 garlic cloves


- Wash and cut chicken into pieces

- Chop three onions and fry in oil. Add peas, parsley, garlic, salt and stir a few minutes.

- Add black pepper, cumin and chili peppers

- Add chicken; add sufficient water to cover and continue to boil. 


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