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The dish of La Paz

This dish is always prepared for La Paz festivals (July 16th, October 20th). It is served after Chairo, the traditional La Paz soup.   

It was originally a vegetarian dish, but over the years in some households beef was added to the recipe.



- choclos (corn on the cob)

- Fava beans in the shell

- a pinch of sugar

- a pinch of anise

- potatoes

- fresh cow cheese (quesillo)

- flour, oil

- llajwa


- Boil water with anise and sugar in a large pot. Add the corn and whole favas, and cook over high heat for 25 minutes.

- Cook unpeeled potatoes separately in salted water.

- Cut cheese into slices and fry.

- Serve each plate with one corn on the cob, one slice of fried cheese, one potato, fava beans and a tablespoon of llajwa (Bolivian hot sauce).


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