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Bolivian cuisine

This section has different traditional Bolivian dishes.

Bolivian dishes are not difficult to prepare and do not need a lot of ingredients. However, some ingredients may not be readily available, like the locoto (spicy South American chili similar to the habanero), chuño (freeze-dried potato), quirquiña (herb), ají (spicy chili pod used to add color) and choclo (local corn on the cob). 

You can replace these ingredients by substituting potatoes for chuño, cilantro for quirquiña, turmeric for ají, corn for choclo and Bell pepper or jalapeños for locoto. You can also omit them, depending on the dish.   

The following are the types of recipes that can be found using these links:

- Soups and Entrees

- Dishes

- Desserts

- Beverages

- Sauces


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