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Luthier "Luis Guitars"

Luis Guitars is a project of Luis Choque, a luthier whose passion is building charangos and guitars.

Luis started working as a Luthier at an electric guitar workshop in the city of La Paz when he was still in high school. After he graduated, he studied electronic and computer systems, but he preferred to continue building stringed instruments. He learned how to combine his academic career with his training in building these instruments to create his own workshop. He is a very young artisan and has mastered this task well since he has been working in this area for more than ten years.


When he set out on his own as an artisan, Luis began building electric guitars because they were not being crafted in Bolivia at that time. But importation of electric guitars prevented Luthiers in Bolivia from competing on prices since the imported guitars cost much less. Therefore, Luis began manufacturing electric charangos.

Today Luis mainly sells electric charangos. He works with maple wood for these charangos which have five courses of strings.

His workshop and store are in the tourist area of the city of La Paz, where he works mornings in his workshop and afternoons in the store. His clientele is composed mainly of professional Bolivian and foreign musicians.


The professional initiative described in this article is an example of a young Bolivian artisan and demonstrates the potential wealth of artisanship that exists in Bolivia. This potential has an aggregate value since we live in a period when artisan production is tending to disappear at a rapid rate in the face of mass industrial production.


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16 Avril 2015 - Chaz - (United Kingdom)
      Best guitar shop in La Paz, I went in and asked for a custom guitar to be made. Not only did they create it for an amazingly cheap price but also made one of the best custom guitars I have ever seen. My black pecan wood guitar with mother of pearl inlay and tuner included is one of my prize possessions. The brothers who own the shop and make the guitars are very nice and friendly as well as brilliant musicians and true craftsmen. Even if you don't have the money to buy the guitar from these guys go into the shop and have a chat, play or even just to look at the beauty of the guitars do! You'll never see as beautiful guitars as are in this shop. Must visit!
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