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Aguayo, manufacturing process
The aguayo is a multicolor squared weave, it is characteristic mainly of the Andean region of Bolivia, this weaves are used to carry babies and small...
Aguayo, traditional weave
The real Aguayo (native aguayo) is a hand made weave used by women from the Plateau ofPeru and Bolivia. Each woman has her own aguayo. It can be...
Pilar Lara: dolls with individuality
Las Pilinchas, dolls with individuality These rag dolls have been entertaining children from time immemorial. Recovering the tradition of these...
Rafael Mamani: jacket maker
Rafael Mamani is a young artisan who uses his knowledge of cutting and preparing, to create singular models of sweaters, jackets and pants, using...
Ramirez family: wood carving
The Ramirez family creates these wooden sculptures. Rufino, the father, with his 4 sons Eloy, Panfilo, Esperanza and Celia, work together in their...
Quispe Torrez luthiers: quality and know-how
Carlos and Pedro Quispe Torrez are two brothers who are luthiers in El Alto. We spent an afternoon with them to get to know their work and hear their...
 Making charango
The Quispe brother have invited us to visit theirs workshop.
They patiently explain us the manufacturing process of charangos.
Watch it on...

ARTESANIAS YAVHE - Leather craft
Among the stands along Sagárnaga (a La Paz tourist street where Bolivian artisan products are sold) and the vast number of sellers, some...
Creaciones Paola
Creaciones Paola is a company dedicated to making embroidered and macramé garments. Their workshop is located in the La Portada zone between...
ARTE Y PUNTO - alpaca garments
Patricia Palle, a Bolivian woman with a constant desire for knowledge and improvement, is an open and friendly person. Thanks to her personality, the...
AWAYU, the COPROCA's collection
In 2005 COPROCA S.A. created a collection of alpaca wool garments to promote the sale of alpaca fleece and to generate jobs for its handcrafters....
 COPROCA, the factory of the future.
COPROCA S.A, the camelid product company, is the first and only alpaca wool company in the hands of Bolivia’s rural population. This company...
 AGUSTÍN PORTILLO: wind music instruments
When the music world invites you in, it is hard to say, “No, thanks.” Agustín Portillo, who has been enriching Bolivian folklore...
The warp and the woof
A technique utilized by many generations of weavers has been passed on to the Luna family. In this technique, using a rustic loom and a horizontal...
 Walter Melendres: Potter
Walter Melendres is a potter who does great work, especially for this time of year. He is proud of having sold his products in countries around the...

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