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Tupac Amaru II

José Gabriel Codorcanquiqui, Tupaq Amaru II, a descendant of Tupac Amaru I (the last Inca of Peru), lead the most important anti-slavery, indigenous rebellion during the era of the Spanish Viceroyalty.


1738: born in Tinta- Perú

1758: married Micaela Bastidas

1776: demands abolition of forced labor imposed on the indigenous people in the mines.

1176: demands elimination of the excessive taxation (mita) imposed on the indigenous people.

1780: leads the most important popular uprising in the epoch.

1780: orders the execution of Judge Arriaga

1781: On January 8th, the rebels are beaten for the first time.

1781: on April 5th, the rebels are beaten for the second time.

1781: taken prisoner

1781: attends his wife's execution in the Plaza de Armas in Cuzco

1781: judged and condemned to death by dismemberment, which involves tying each of his limbs to a horse.

1781: unable to dismember him because of his vigorous physical condition, they decide to behead him. The execution of Tupaq Amaru II did not stop the indigenous revolution that he began and which later extended to Alto Peru and the north of Argentina.


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