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Legend of Corn

In the region of Collana there lived two young people who united their lives in marriage as a result of the love they had for each other.

Huayru, the young man, belonged to the Chayantas Ayllu where the weapon used for war was the sling. Sara Chojllu, the young woman, belonged to the Charcas Ayllu where lances were used for war. The two ayllus united to defend their land from the Spaniards.

On the day of the battle, Sara Chojllu volunteered to bring stones to Hayru along with all the women who had no sons and did the same for their husbands.

At nightfall, the ayllus won the battle. A little while later, one of the Charcas accidentally threw a lance that pierced the heart of the beautiful young woman who died in the arms of her husband with a hint of her last smile.

The two ayllus fought until there were no more warriors. Hayru and his friends dug a grave to bury Sara Chojllu. Huayru wept all night long and his tears watered the grave.

The following day, an unknown plant was growing over Sara's grave and covered the entire area. Upon seeing the plant, Hayru remember Sara because it was the same shade of green as her eyes.

After a while, the plant reached maturity, and Huayru saw how the hair that was growing around the leaves was similar to the blond hair of his wife. The juice from its fruit was as sweet as her kisses while also as bitter as his tears.


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