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Andean gold: alpaca fiber
Even though synthetic fibers have revolutionized the textile industry during the second half of the 20th century, natural fibers, such as alpaca...
La Comédie - a ship that crosses oceans of flavors and aromas …
La Paz has many traditional tourist attractions, but above all, visitors to La Paz city can enjoy high-quality international restaurants. One of the...
The folkloric processions of the Lord Jesus of Great Power
On June 2 one of the most anticipated festivals in the city of La Paz took place, the folkloric processions of the Lord Jesus of Great Power...
Dried Bolivian foods
One of the legacies left by the pre-Colombian cultures, like the Tiwanaku and Inca, is food drying. This is a process to preserve food that can be...
Bolivian handicrafts
Handicrafts in any part of the world are a cultural expression that get more people interested day after day, especially people who appreciate manual...

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