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Torotoro National Park

Torotoro Park is found in the north of the Department of Potosí and is one of the most significant archeological parks in the country. Torotoro is a rocky valley with many peaks, waterfalls and canyons.  

Area: 16,570 hectares

Climate: cold in winter and temperate in summer.

Altitude: from 1900 to 3600 masl

Population: Charcas, Quechua and Mestizo migrants from the high valley

Flora: there are an estimated 1000 plant species

Fauna: puma, Andean cats, viscachas, Andean deer, tordos (blackbirds), colored macaws, etc.

Services: hotels, hostels, housing, restaurants.

Places to visit: Humajalanta, Chiflón, Llama Chaqui Incan ruins, El Vergel (garden), Batea Q'oca, Casa de Piedra (stone house), amazing caves where you find fossils and dinosaur footprints, etc.

Activities: archeology, paleontology, caving, geology, photography, hiking, etc.

Access: from the city of Cochabamba, go across the high valley (Tarata, Huayculi, Anzaldo and Thayapaya) to reach Toro Toro

Bus Trans. from the north: leave Cochabamba from Av. República at noon, from Av. 6 de Agosto and República in the mornings.

Thursday and Sunday: 6:00 am.
Wednesday and Saturday: 18:00 and 19:00 hours.

Return from Torotoro Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at 6:00 am.

Contact: Av. Valle Grande Pasaje Pirai, nº 510 telephone: (591-4) 456 1700, 456 0480.

Bus Trans Torotoro: Leaves Cochabamba Thursday and Sundays at 18:30 and returns from Torotoro Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays at 6:00 am.

The road is in good condition; the trip is 135 km (5-6 hours). 


Cochabamba Tourism Office: Plaza 14 de Septiembre, Cochabamba, telephone: 425 8030

SERNAP: Portales 353, Cochabamba, Tel: 448 6452/53

Photos: Noélise Delille, Maxime Litt




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