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Takesi Trail (2 days)

The Takesi trail is, as the Choro and the Yunga cruz trails, a trek which goes from La Paz to come down to the yungas.

This one can be done in 2-3 days walk and landed not far from Chulumani, capital of the South yungas. At the end of the trek you will have to find a vehicle to return in La Paz, what is not still an easy thing according to the hour at which you arrive. 

This road seemed to us less simple than the trek of Chorro, can be because we did it during the rainy season; crossing rivers turned out rather adventurous and the weather was not very good.

We have however a magnificent souvenir of it - and aches!

Distance of La Paz (departure): San Francisco mines at 1:30 am.

Photos: Noélise Delille, Christelle Paul




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