Who are we ?
Who are we ?
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Introduction :

Thanks to recent development in internet technology, we can assure you that it is now safe to make online payments with your credit card on sites affiliated to PAYBOX secure server, than would otherwise be in ordinary everyday transactions.

The whole payment process carried out through PAYBOX is entirely encrypted and protected. The protocol used is SSL(Secured Socket Layer).

This means that information related to your order and credit card number is not available to third parties on Internet.
Our secure server ensures that your personal details remain personal.

Caserita.com does not have information of the card numbers. 

Various stages of security :

Every credit card purchase you make is processed via Secure Server Tecnology. This provides the following security features detailed below:

1. Authentication -With each payment request, your browser is assured that your data is being sent to a secure server that will communicate with your bank.

2. Encryption - This protects the data sent by the Internet and guarantees that the purchaser's credit card number cannot be intercepted by a third party during its transfer via the secured server PAYBOX.

3. Authorization or Data Integrity -This checks the data being transfered to ensure that it has not been altered. The authorization center of your bank returns a number of authorization or a refusal. If the payment is accepted, PAYBOX carries out the following operations : - posting of confirmation of payment on the screen of the purchaser; sending of confirmation of payment by e-mail to our company ; the number of credit card is never given out to our company.

4. The purchaser is then re-directed towards the server of the company, where he/she can make another purchase.

Check that you are in the Secure mode at the time you wish to pay on line.

In this case, a closed lock appears at the bottom of the window of your navigation software.

The beginning of the address of the site https://www indicated at the top of the screen changes to https://www .The "S" which follows "HTTP" is proof that your transaction is protected. 


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