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Highest Mountains Near La Paz

María Lloco

This small mountain is part of the Huayna Potosí massif. Its name means "mother's tear" in Aymara. The ascent of this mountain has a high difficulty rating.

Altitude: up to 5522 masl.

Access: Leave from the Milluni Mine; follow the path leading to Tuni until you reach a cross. From there you ascend the glacier following the aqueduct (to the north). The Tuni - Milluni route is not in very good condition. The Copacabana route is recommended to reach Tuni.

Warning: there is a barrier between Tuni and Tuni Lake. If you enter by way of the lake, you will not be able to reach Tuni.

Time required: 1 day

Difficulty: quite difficult; 50º over 300 meters.

Milluni Peak

South of Huayna Potosí, this peak has a landscape full of rocks and ice mirrors. This ascent gives you a chance to become acclimated. The Italian brothers Angelo Gelmi and Giuseppe Ferrari were the first to ascend this peak.

Access: From the Huayna Potosí Shelter follow the path leading to the Old Glacier. Upon reaching the crest, continue west until you reach a vent that leads to the peak.

Time required: 1 day.

Difficulty: moderate


This ice peak has two faces: south and southwest. It has a 1400-meter slope of rock and ice.

Access: take the road from the Tiquimani plant that ascends to the Wara-Warani Lake. Return on the north face.

Time required: 1 day

Difficulty: difficult + 80º, 1000 meters.

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