Who are we ?
Who are we ?
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Frequently asked questions

1 - About Caserita.com


> How does Caserita.com work?

Caserita.com is a company dedicated to online sales of Bolivian handcrafts and typical products. It is legally established under currently effective Bolivian law. It is developed using electronic sales tools that ensure secure online sales and receipt of purchases in any part of the world.


> Is it safe to purchase through Caserita.com?

Buying from Caserita.com is safe. Internet purchase is as risky as any purchase. Caserita.com works with secure payment systems from PAYBOX, PAYPAL and KLIKANDPAY in order to minimize risks associated with online purchasing as much as possible.


> Who benefits from purchases through Caserita.com?

Buying through Caserita.com, you are contributing to artisans for whom, in most cases, the sale of their products is their only source of income. In addition, purchasing through Caserita.com is helping to keep alive traditions and customs in existence for several centuries in different areas of Bolivia.


2 – Orders


> How may I place an order?

Follow these steps to place an order on Caserita.com:

-  Choose the product you wish to purchase and click on "add to basket."

-  You may check a summary of your purchases that shows the number of products selected and the total amount at any time. This is in the "Check my basket" where you may add or delete products as you wish.

-  Click on "return to the catalog" to add a new product and choose the desired product.

-  Once your order is complete, you may add a code to take advantage of a discount if you have a promotional coupon. Then, click on "validate order."

-  Caserita.com will ask you to register. Please enter your data in the "validate address" field. Before validating, verify that all data entered regarding shipping and billing addresses are correct.

-  Choose the payment method that is most convenient for you, and you're ready!

Once the payment is received, Caserita.com will process your order.


> How can I know if my order is received correctly?

Caserita.com will send you an e-mail with "Order Confirmation" once your order is received.


> How may I cancel my order?

Once you confirm that you wish to cancel your order, send us a cancellation request to contact@caserita.com as soon as possible, explaining your reasons. If it is possible to cancel, we will refund the payment in the next 30 days.

If your order has not yet been processed by the shipping company, the purchase amount will be refunded, less any expenses involved in the money transfer, within a period of no more than thirty (30) working days. If you order has been processed by the shipping company, your order cannot be cancelled immediately. You will have to wait until you receive the product and then return it.


> How can I change my order?

Once you are sure that you want to change your order, send a request to contact@caserita.com as soon as possible. If your order has not yet been processed by the shipping company, the change may be made. If your order was already processed by the shipping company, the change cannot be made.


> May I place my order by telephone?

Since this is an online store, orders may only be placed on the www.caserita.com web site. Any other type of order (telephone, mail) will not be validated. In the case of a special order, it may be made directly to customer service via e-mail to contact@caserita.com.


> What does "Special Order" mean?

It means that you may place an order that is "made to measure," i.e. personalized, with the characteristics you specify. Products in the catalog may be adapted to your requirements or something new and original may be created to your specifications. In addition, "Special Order" is understood to mean products that are not in Caserita.com catalogs but something you know and would like to order. In any case, please don't hesitate to get in touch via contact@caserita.com.


> What is included in the prices?

The prices shown in Caserita.com catalogs include the product price plus packaging. When you wish to make a purchase, the final price that appears includes the price of the product, packaging, cost of shipping and other possible expenses, depending on the order. Be aware that there are other taxes, depending on the destination country (customs) that shall be for the purchaser's account.



3 – Payment


> May I pay by other means besides credit card?

Yes, there is another way to pay. Caserita.com suggests you pay using PAYPAL. To open a PAYPAL account or obtain more information about this payment system visit: www.paypal.com. You may also pay by bank wire, MoneyGram or Western Unión.


> How do I use a promotional coupon?

Once your order is complete, you may add a code on the "My order" page to take advantage of a discount if you have a promotional coupon.


> Is it safe to pay with a credit card?

Caserita.com accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Caserita.com uses the secure payment system provided by PAYBOX, a European company (more information: https://www.paybox.com), KLIKANDPAY (more information: https://www.klikandpay.com), and PAYPAL (more information: https://www.paypal.com). Your credit card number and expiration date will be processed directly by PAYPAL, PAYBOX or KLIKANDPAY on their servers. Caserita.com will never have any knowledge of this information.



4 - Shipping


> How long will it take my order to arrive and how will it arrive?

Caserita.com will send your order through the French mail service (Colissimo) or Belgian BPOST mail or Mondial Relay for deliveries in Punto Pack. In France, the delivery time is 2 working days (Colissimo). For most other countries delivery times vary from 2 to 8 working days.

- If you wish to use a different shipping company (like DHL, Fedex, etc.), you must send an e-mail in time to contact@caserita.com


> What are the shipping costs?

The shipping cost is fixed at US$ 8.90, 5.90 Pounds Sterling or 6.90 Euros.


> Who is responsible for customs duties?

Customs duties are not included in the final price unless the destination country is part of the European Union. These costs are assumed by you, the purchaser.

Each country has its own internal policies regarding customs duties. When you receive your order, shipping company staff will explain the costs, if any, and how to pick up your package from customs.


> How do I know if my order has been shipped?

Caserita.com will send you a confirmation e-mail stating that the order was shipped.


> Can I track my order?

You may track your order on the Internet for any delivery service used. Caserita.com will provide you all the necessary and relevant data to do this.


> May I place my order from any country?

Caserita.com sends its products anywhere in the world. However, there are some perhaps risky countries where Caserita.com reserves the right to choose.


> It's been a month, and I still haven't received my order.

If the estimated delivery date for your order has passed or you have any question about the time it will take for your package to arrive, please send an e-mail to contact@caserita.com.

If any problem arises, Caserita.com will check it out and take the necessary steps with the shipping company and keep you informed of the situation with your order.



5 - Returns


> May I return my order once it is received?

Yes. If you are not satisfied when you receive your order, you may return it within seven (7) working days from the delivery date. You will be responsible for paying the return shipping costs.


> How do you handle refunds?

Upon receipt of the product, Caserita.com will refund the amount of your purchase less the cost of shipping and money transfer within a period of no more than thirty (30) working days. However, if the product is damaged, incomplete or dirty, no refund will be made. For any return, contact customer service at contact@caserita.com.



6 - Products

> What should I do if the product I receive is damaged or incomplete?

If you receive an incomplete or damaged order due to an error on the part of Caserita.com, the missing products will be sent as soon as possible, and Caserita.com will pay the shipping cost.


> Is there a guarantee?

If the product is defective, Caserita.com requests that you get in touch with customer service: contact@caserita.com.

You are covered by the legal guarantee against hidden defects in products sold. All products are checked as carefully as possible. However, the guarantee will not be valid if faults or damages result from improper handling, a lack of maintenance or care contrary to instructions for use.


How can I obtain information on the products?

Photographs, texts and other content that show the products are provided for information purposes. Differences between the photographs and the products may be minor and do not affect the essential characteristics of the products. However, artisan (handmade) products may vary slightly without generating any substantive change in the specifications consigned herein.



7 - Resellers


> Are there discounts for wholesale purchases?

If you are interested in reselling or purchasing products wholesale from Caserita.com, attractive discounts are available. Please send an e-mail to contact@caserita.com.



8 - Will my personal data be sent to other sites?

Caserita.com agrees not to provide your personal data to third parties. Your personal data are stored by Caserita.com for its exclusive use.



9 - I did not find an answer to my question.

If you did not find the answer you needed or have another question, please do not hesitate to communicate with Caserita.com via e-mail: contact@caserita.com.


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