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Choro Trail (2-4 days)

The Choro trail is an easy and magnificent trail.

It's 70 km which can be done in between 2 and 4 days, depending of the shape and the time. The trail starts from the Cumbre (the pass) at the exit of the city of La Paz, at 4800 meters hight, and goes down straight towards the yungas (Coroico), at unless than 1700 meters. Once crossed the pass the road is clear and safe, the trail can be done without guide. 

You will follow an Inca paved road aged of more than 5 centuries and is still visible. Here is an unforgettable way of going to the yungas.

Distance of La Paz (departure): 30 minutes

Photos: Claudie Perche, Noélise Delille




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