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Biennial International Art expo, SIART 2011

The seventh Biennial International Art expo, SIART, takes place from October 12th through November 12th. This event has been held in La Paz since 1999 when the city was named the International Cultural Capital.

As usual, artists from different countries attend this exposition to exhibit their work in different halls throughout the city. The group selected by the panel of judges as finalists for the National Young Artist Prize, which is part of SIART, this year were among the exhibitors with the theme of Dialogues in Complexity.

Different activities like workshops, seminars, round tables, meetings with artists and laboratories take place at the same time to motivate attendees to interact with the exhibitors and their works. This is also a way to find new customers with new visions of art.

This year’s SIART exhibited different types of art, including photography, painting, collage, video, installations, urban interventions, performances and scenic presentations.

Guests of Honor                                                              SIART 2011

Geli González -  Argentina                                            
Claudia Joskowicz – Bolivia
Adolfo Torres – Chile
Ligia D’Andrea - Bolivia
Mónica Nador -  Brazil
Jaime Iregui – Colombia
Dieter Jung – Germany
Ricardo Pérez Alcalá – Bolivia
Jakub Nepras – Czechoslovakia

International Jury  

Agnaldo Farias – Brazil
Florencia Battiti – Argentina
Laymert Garcia Dos Santos – Brazil
Sandra Del Pilar – Mexico
Carlos Villagómez Paredes - Bolivia

Selected artists


Paloma Fontana
Sergio Liste
Alejandrinaa González
Federico Marión y
María Caiazza                                                                  


Ángel Solíz
Colectivo Articulaciones
Colectivo Puntos suspensivos
Galo Coca
Horacio Jiménez
Ibeth Calle
Iván Cáceres
Julio González
Karin Schulze
Raquel Schwartz
Santiago Contreras
Mauricio González


Ao Leo
Bianca Bernardo
Jimson Vilela
Nicholas Petrus

Chile/ Colombia

Guillermo Chandia,
Jaime Coronil
Pablo Forero


Camila Rodriguez
Mauricio  Rivera
Pava Wülfert

Costa Rica - Dora Araya                                                 

Cuba: - José Ney                                                           

Ecuador – Cristian Proaño

Spain – Jesús Herrera

France/Bolivia – Johanna Pacheco

United States – Philip Hessler


Juan José Herrera
Miguel Mesa


Ana Campanella
Diego Massi
Marco Gorgoroso

Venezuela – Annie Váquez


We invite you to enjoy some of the works presented during SIART 2011.




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