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Aymara Culture

The aymara culture is a pre-inca culture which gave birth to the Tihuanacota empire which extended over the altiplano from the 5th century BC to the 12th century AD, before being invaded by the Incas and then Spanish.

In spite of these invasions an aymara identity, with traditions, language and religion, survived and constitutes even today a strong identity of the inhabitants of the altiplano; particularly of the departments of La Paz and Oruro. 

We were invited by Javier and his family in his childhood village, Tambillo, not far from La Paz on the road towards Tiahuanaku. They showed us some features of their culture; sheep farming, wool spinning, weaving, the aptapi and, finally, a ceremony for the new year.

Thanks to Javier and his family for welcoming us.

Photos: Christelle Paul





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23 Janvier 2015 - Yvonne - (United States)
      Amazing the pouring of libations extends to all parts of the earth!
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